Hexagonal Hard Candy Revisited - Planar

It’s been exactly 1 year since I posted my design titled “Hexagonal Hard Candy” - and I thought it would be a fun experiment to revisit an old scene with a few of my newer tricks. In some ways it was quite fun, and in other ways, my process has been hindered more by self doubt. “Did it look better that way, or this?” Sometimes you just need to keep working on something, until it no longer looks like it needs any work - and that’s when you can call it done. As the title implies, this is one of my designs that took a large number of iterations to get to that point.

This one, v23, is actually just number 3 of 3 variations in the set that made it to the finish line, which I’m quite happy to have crossed. You can see all of the other steps in my creative process for this design set at the Imgur gallery here.

Quick shout-outs to @hexeosis, @aspenexcel, @beeple, @shonk and @isopoly who have been inspiring me a lot this year. It’s always nice to see you guys creating new work. :)


This design is number 3 of 3 in a set titled “Hexagonal Hard Candy Revisited”, a set of GIFs in which I revisit the materials, and some of the lighting setup for my previous design, “Hexagonal Hard Candy” .