About The Artist

Hi. My name is Admiral Potato. I'm extremely passionate about my craft; I am both a Web Developer and a Motion Graphic Artist, and I care enough about the quality of my visual arts that I wrote this experience to represent those visuals with quality and integrity online. Here's a place where I've written some words about myself.

About the custom Video Player

The vue-perfectlooper is a perfectly looping image sequence player with fullscreen capabilities, built with mobile performance and keyboard accessibility in mind. This is a tool that I wrote for animated loop artists to use freely. All it needs is for the Vue to library be loaded, and to be given the addresses of the frames to play back. It is an MIT licensed open source package available on NPM and Unpkg. It was designed to meet the use cases of both Vue SSR rendering, as well as in the non-compiled browser environment. Please get in touch with me if you would like help setting this up to share your art!

License - How you may use this site and the content

The video and image content on this site is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. It is neither for sale nor available for commercial use under any circumstances. The source code for this video portfolio website is available on GitHub under the same license and can be downloaded and customized to meet your own looping animation video portfolio needs. If you would like to hire me to create content or develop custom experiences for you under whatever licence you like, please contact me using one of the methods listed here.