Hall of The Enlightened Triangles and Domes

The lossless 4k PNG Wallpaper is available at G+ Photos.

You can see all of the iterations on this design in the Creative Process Gallery.

So, on the topic of “Enlightening” things - Have any of you other Cycles users been playing with the “Filmic” color system yet? I can't speak highly enough about it - I have tried to work on well-lit scenes within a closed space before, only to blow out all detail in the light areas, and say goodbye to any approximation of subtlety in the highlights. Filmic expands Blender's dynamic range from 5 photographic stops to 25! SUCH BRIGHT DETAILS HOTNESS!

I don't normally think much about the “environment” for my designs - I have an idea for a subject, and that's what I create. The “set” of the scene is not something I am in the habit of thinking much about yet - but I think it payed off to spend more time on the scenery in this animation. I think I'll try more of this out moving forward. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

I should also say, as painfully dumb a movie as Lego Batman was (though, yes, the classic Batman callbacks were quite fun) - it was almost worth sitting through most of the brain-damagingly stupid slapstick comedy, just to find the wonderful gem of visual design inspiration that I caught at about 36 seconds in to the “Intro to the credits sequence music video”.