Ghost Wants Candy Corn

You can see each step in the creation of this design at the Creative Process Gallery.

Sometimes you want something that's just out of reach - and then you move to reach it, and the object of your desires moves just to outside of your reach again! Like this Candy Corn with a mind of its own! All this little Ghost wants is to be happy and colorful too! Don't give up on your dream, little Ghost! You'll catch that Candy Corn some day!

I didn't want to let another whole month go by without posting something new, so I decided to create something simple and minimal that couldn't possibly become complicated enough to take more than 2 evenings to create. I'm glad that this idea came to mind, because I really like this cute little scene.

I've got another 3 or 4 designs in the works at the moment, but I've no idea how I'm going to finish them up so I can post them. That's something I struggle with - having a design that's just out of reach, but I don't yet have the ideas on how I can to take it from where it's at to a point of completion. Persistence is key, I suppose. If you don't keep at it, it will never get to the “good enough to call done” point.

Wish this little guy some luck, he deserves to catch that Candy Corn!