Bio Lab: Embryo Injector

The other day, I was reading a press release titled “UEA researchers discover Achilles’ heel in antibiotic-resistant bacteria” - but before I could even read the words in the article, the Eye Candy at the top of the page leapt out and VIOLENTLY ATTACKED ME WITH INSPIRATION! I was like “OH NO! MY OTHER PLANS FOR TONIGHT! THEY HAVE JUST DIED BECAUSE NOW I HAVE TO MAKE A GIF!!!” and then the modeling and animation for this design happened in about 3 hours. So I set it up to render at 3AM before going to bed. It was still rendering the next morning, so I went in to work, knowing that it would be done when I got home. Then I got home from work and realized that the output had flaws. So I was like “NOOOOOOOO~!”. Then I fixed those issues in about 2 hours and rendered it again last night starting at 1.75AM, and it finished this morning before I had to leave for work.

I don't know who took that photograph, but I want to tell them: “Thank you for violently attacking TWO NIGHTS worth of my evening plans. They DIED. BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL ART. But seriously. Your photography is Yes. How did you come up with the ideas for that lighting setup? It is beautiful.”

This GIF is one in a set named “Bio-Lab” - and I hope to find - not the time, but the right inspiration - to make a few more of these, because this one is hella shiny and I'm totally down for that.