Electric Flower

So, back in June of 2014, I made one of my most beautiful animations ever, titled: “Electric Branches - 0”. For some reason, it came to mind while I was thinking what I could pull off before the end of the month for the @gifartistscollective monthly theme of “Flower”. I feel like I already said everything I could say about this design over in the Creative Process Gallery, so go read about it there if you like.

On another topic… Here's a little secret I'll let you in on. I've been very busy building my own infrastructure for a high quality, HD, fullscreen, perfect looping animation portfolio of all of my favorite designs. You can fullscreen it and study these animations at a much higher quality than what's allowed at any of the other places I've been posting them. Even I can get lost in my own work if I leave the full quality versions of these animations open too long.

It's really close to done, but not quite there yet. I'm still working out the bugs in the last details - I want this to be the best possible experience for perfect looping animation enthusiasts - and my perfectionism is close to being satisfied on this project. Look forward to it. ;)